Question 1:
In the last 10 seasons, this driver has the most wins.
Response : Jeff Laflamme Patrick Cyr Marc Landreville Jonathan Guitard

Question 2:
Which of these drivers holds the most podiums in the last 10 seasons?
Response : Patrick Cyr Marc Landreville Kevin Morin Jeff Laflamme

Question 3:
This driver holds the record for the most podiums in a single season.
Response : Jeff Laflamme Jonathan Guitard Miro Ovcharik Marc Landreville

Question 4:
This driver has won the most wins in a single season.
Response : Jonathan Guitard Jeff Laflamme Miro Ovcharik Patrick Cyr

Question 5:
This driver holds the highest number of podiums in the last 5 seasons
Response : Kevin Morin Jonathan Guitard Miro Ovcharik Francis Doyon

Question 6:
Among these 4 drivers, in the last 10 seasons, 3 have won 3 victories each at Autodrome Montmagny and 1 has obtained 2, who is it
Response : Francis Tassé Jeff Laflamme Patrick Cyr Marc Landreville

Question 7:
He is the only one to have obtained 3 victories at Autodrome St-Eustache since the 2009 season.
Response : Matt Waldin Jonathan Guitard Patrick Cyr Marc Landreville

Question 8:
This driver won 1 Pro-Am Championship before finishing the next season with the Pro Vice Championship title.
Response : Jonathan Guitard Maxim Lemoine Alexandre Blanchette Dave Briggs

Question 9:
True or false. Jonathan Guitard has never won a victory at Autodrome St-Eustache?
Response : Vrai Faux

Question 10:
He is the only driver, since the 2009 season, to win on 5 different tracks.
Responsevvv : Patrick Cyr Jeff Laflamme Marc Landreville Jonathan Guitard

Bonus Question:
DMCC produced only 3 events in Victoriaville. Of these 3 drivers who each have 2 podiums to their credit at this place, only 1 has managed to win 2 victories. Which one?
Response : Dave Briggs Jeff Laflamme Francis Tassé

Research, design and implementation of the quiz, Pierre Lafrance, on behalf of DMCC